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Advisory Services

Flexibility and Independence

Securities America has been serving independent registered investment advisors (RIAs) since 1984. We formed Securities America Advisors so representatives interested in broadening their range of services to their clients could join our corporate RIA without having to form their own. 

About 80 percent of our advisors use our corporate RIA, including Jay Svehla of JFC Financial Services. The flexibility and independence offered through Securities America Advisors were big draws for him. “I knew I wanted to be independent, but I wanted to build my business a certain way,” he said.

“When I started talking with other Securities America advisors, one common theme was their practice was different, it was their own. They were able to mold their practice into how they wanted it to look. That was important to me. Securities America allowed me to do that.” 

Some 20 percent of Securities America advisors are affiliated with their own independent RIA. Both types of advisors have access to a variety of resources, from financial planning to our turnkey asset management programs, which provide intuitive and powerful technology and tools.

“Advisory Services opens the door to a more holistic approach in serving our clients,” said Janice Thompson, who co-founded the RIA One Degree Advisors. “We are able to offer so much more than we could as an individual advisory firm. As a result, we are also experiencing a deeper connection with our clients.”

Combined, our two corporate RIAs, Securities America Advisors and Arbor Point, and our independent RIAs have more than $30 billion in advisory assets under management. The Advisory Services division generates more than half of all gross revenues for the Securities America companies.

Registered Investment Advisor

Securities America Advisors, Inc. (SAA)Aaron Broz & Jay Svehla

SAA is a Securities and Exchange Commission Registered Investment Advisor offering investment advisory programs and services to representatives of Securities America, as well as advisors with no broker dealer affiliation. SAA began operations in 1994 and has more than $22 billion in assets under management and administration.

Securities America’s advisors may become Investment Advisor representatives of SAA or have their own hybrid Registered Investment Advisor (RIA) to utilize our investment advisory services. Client agreements and customizable marketing materials are provided for our internal asset management programs for both Investment Advisor representatives and independent RIAs.

Hybrid Independent RIAs

If you are currently operating under an independent RIA, SAA’s Hybrid RIA option allows you the convenience and flexibility necessary to support and grow an independent business model, your way. As an Independent Hybrid RIA, upon joining Securities America, you can continue running your independent RIA business. Securities America has programs that will allow you to manage your client assets on a discretionary basis while we will handle all the administrative work, such as advisory fee calculation, invoicing and deductions and performance reporting, allowing you to concentrate on managing assets and growing your advisory business.

Since 1984, Securities America has partnered with Independent RIAs to offer top-notch technology and solutions to help them build great businesses. Securities America has prepared a list of preferred consulting firms that specialize in advisory compliance and SEC and state registration for investment advisory firms. Securities America has negotiated special pricing and taken steps to educate these firms about Securities America and the general business models of the Independent RIAs. Our RIA Compliance division works directly with independent RIAs to keep them abreast of regulatory changes and offers ongoing support and assistance with regulatory audits.


We understand a one-size-fits-all asset management approach can limit your ability to tailor plans to your clients’ needs. You need programs that allow you to adjust the level and expense of the services you provide to match the needs of your clients. Likewise, you want to be able to choose the level of involvement in the investment advisory process.

Asset Management Programs

Managed Opportunities®

Our signature, consolidated advisory platform is a fee-based wrap program offering immediate access to a roster of more than 100 third-party strategists, employing mutual fund and ETF asset allocation strategies and separate account portfolios on one single platform. Robust proposal generation technology helps determine and illustrate your client’s investment objectives, risk profiles and appropriate asset allocation through a formal Investment Policy Statement.

You have flexibility over composition of client portfolios by selecting from more than 700 individual investment models using mutual funds, ETFs, or individual equities, with added diversification through sophisticated tactical, strategic and alternative investment styles. You and your clients have access to account information (holdings, transactions and on-demand performance reporting) through the Managed Opportunities website.

Managed Opportunities Advisor Directed

Advisor Directed lets you create your own self-directed investment models using mutual funds or individual securities. You can incorporate your investment models into those of the Managed Opportunities third-party money managers.

The Managed Opportunities Advisor Directed option lets you create an investment policy statement/proposal that combines any or all investment strategies. For example, you could mix your investment strategy with that of a mutual fund wrap manager and/or a separate account wrap manager, and generate one consolidated proposal and investment policy statement for your client. All trading is done through the Managed Opportunities platform.

Managed Opportunities Unified Managed Account

The Unified Managed Account offers unsurpassed benefits to advisors and their clients. You can build customized portfolio models and choose from approximately 400 investment products to fund your Unified Managed Account models. You have a diverse set of portfolio management capabilities as well as simplified account maintenance that combines separate accounts and mutual fund wraps in one single, convenient account.

Managed Opportunities Account Detail

Managed Opportunities pricing is determined by the portfolios and/or managers selected. Generally, Mutual Fund Wrap portfolio pricing is 25-120 basis points and Separately Managed Accounts are 80-120 basis points. By and large, Unified Managed Accounts are 45-65 basis points and Unified Managed Accounts with Separately Managed Accounts are 65-120 basis points.

When setting up accounts, you determine your fee up to the maximum allowed. Each tier of the fee schedule can be discounted independently. Each mutual fund sub-advisor sets its own fee. The actual fee schedule for each sub-advisor portfolio can be viewed on the Managed Opportunities website.

Account Minimums

  • Mutual Fund Wrap Portfolios: $10,000 – $100,000, depending on money manager
  • Separate Account Portfolios: $100,000 – $500,000, depending on money manager
  • Advisor Directed Portfolios: $50,000
  • Unified Managed Accounts: $200,000+, depending on portfolios included in the UMA


National Financial Services, LLC, member NYSE/SIPC, and Pershing, LLC, member FINRA, NYSE, SIPC and a subsidiary of The Bank of New York Mellon Corporation.

Financial Advisors Program (FAP)

This program is for the advisor who wants to apply his or her personal portfolio management skills with mutual funds, stocks, bonds, covered call options and UITs. FAP is ideal if you plan to manage mutual funds for a fee and offers access to more than 3,300 mutual funds. Over 2,000 funds have no ticket charges.

FAP Features

  • Low $25,000 minimum account size
  • Flexible client fee schedules
  • Automatic monthly or quarterly client billing and fee debiting
  • Powerful trading and rebalancing software
  • Fee notifications within client’s brokerage statements
  • Cost basis on clients’ brokerage statements
  • Competitive administrative fees based on account size or total assets under management in the program
  • Access to online performance reports through Albridge Wealth Reporting
  • Low ticket charges including a list of no-ticket-charge institutional share class funds

Third-Party Money Management

Only approved third-party money management programs are available to SAA Investment Advisor Representatives and Independent RIAs registered as representatives of Securities America.

Independent Managed Asset Program

Choose the Independent Managed Account Program when you prefer leaving portfolio management to professional, independent asset managers who are not on the Managed Opportunities platform. Money managers establish their own fee schedule and share a portion of the fee with you.

Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM)Jerry Sullivan & Philip Blancato

LTAM is focused on providing advisors professional investment solutions and services to help grow their business. They are an experienced money manager and offer mutual fund wrap (LAMP) and separate account portfolios (ICS). In addition to their money management services, LTAM’s request for proposal service helps you compete for large institutional accounts often difficult to land for independent advisors.

Asset Management Services

LTAM fully supports an advisor’s business and the process of gathering assets with portfolio review services, client communications and sales ideas. Working with LTAM gives you the benefit of full access to the portfolio management team, including quarterly conference calls for you and your clients. LTAM models are constructed and maintained using fundamental and quantitative data. A stringent screening process is employed in selecting the best possible investment solutions, and unwavering objectivity guides positioning of the portfolios to achieve investment goals.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Services

Endowments, charitable organizations, foundations and large institutional investors are often bound by strict investment policy statements (IPS), and they frequently review their investment advisors’ performance against the IPS criteria. Many of these organizations periodically submit RFPs for the purpose of determining whether a change in investment advisor is appropriate. These cases are large and complex and are often bound by significant time constraints because each is unique. Ladenburg Thalmann can assist with these RFP services. Ladenburg Thalmann maintains an extensive database of IPS and RFPs. They can provide you numerous samples and templates and assist in timely completion of the RFP process. They also can assist you in delivering the presentation.

Other Advisory Services

Financial PlanningDennis King and Lester Jackson

Generating a financial plan for your clients differentiates you from your competition, and studies have shown that client retention and assets per client are greater when clients have a plan. As an Investment Advisor Representative of Securities America Advisors, there are a number of software options from which you can choose to create your financial plans while using our financial planning agreements.

Professional Alliance Program

Securities America provides a number of opportunities for you to build productive relationships with professionals outside the securities industry with our Professional Alliance Program. You network with professionals such as CPAs and attorneys, while we supply you with appropriate agreements and handle the split of your fee with that professional based on your arrangement with him or her.

JumpStart Advisory Coaching

Making the switch to a fee-based advisory practice, and don’t know where to start? The JumpStart Advisory coaching program is designed specifically to walk you through the step-by-step process of transitioning assets from a retail or commission-based practice to a fee-based business model. This program includes bi-weekly one-on-one coaching sessions, implementable tools and training from SAA’s advisory consultants. 

Albridge Wealth Reporting

Albridge Wealth Reporting is a contemporary, web-based portfolio accounting and performance reporting application that enables you to provide your clients with a single comprehensive performance relationship report that integrates all their holdings. This reporting includes both commission-based and fee-based assets, including direct-held business.

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