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Wealth Management

Services that Match Your Clients' Needs 

Securities America is committed to delivering the peer networks, tools, technology and other wealth management resources needed to meet all your client’s financial needs.

In addition, access to resources available from Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM) equips our advisors with the right tools to provide high net worth clients a customized portfolio, including:

  • Trust services
  • Estate and tax planning
  • Investment banking
  • Investment research
  • Capital market opportunities
  • Product support for a wide range of mutual funds, annuities, insurance and more.

When a new client who had just sold a business for a substantial amount of money decided to work with Johnny Moore, a financial advisor with Navigation Financial Group to manage the proceeds, Moore turned to the wealth management resources available to him from Securities America’s parent company, Ladenburg Thalmann.

Moore first contacted Premier Trust and was referred to an attorney who could help simplify the corporate structures holding the money. Moore then reached out to Ladenburg Thalmann Asset Management (LTAM) to assist with third-party money management.

“I educated myself and the client on LTAM’s philosophy and process for selecting managers, and it came down to sharing a view on the risk management process. They don’t look for the biggest manager with the most. They look for the right boutique manager who will play more of a role in the process.” 

LTAM provided Moore an investment policy statement template that he adapted to the client’s defined target return range, risk level and future income draw. It also developed customized portfolios to meet those requirements and provided performance reporting that allowed the client to view the monthly performance of each individual manager as well as the overall portfolio.

Impressed with the process, the client placed his entire $25 million with Moore and LTAM.

“The best estate planning attorney, tax attorney and CPA in Amarillo were involved in the process,” Moore said. “They now see I have the ability to bring very high-end solutions to the table.”

Wealth Management Advantage

Resources and strategic networks are vital to effective wealth management, allowing for professional collaboration with top industry experts and the ability to outsource non-core-competency activities.

Securities America, through its parent company Ladenburg Thalmann, offers the Wealth Management Advantage - a comprehensive suite of wealth management tools, services and resources. The Wealth Management Advantage provides a clear competitive edge in serving mass affluent and high net worth clients by allowing them access to resources typically not available to independent financial advisors.

Premier Trust

Premier Trust works with you and the client's other professional advisors on every aspect of the financial plan and serves as an administrator of revocable trusts, ILITs, charitable trusts, asset protection trusts, dynasty trusts and trusts that custody non-traditional assets. Premier Trust provides flexibility in allowing you to serve as investment managers to their trusts.

Request for Proposal (RFP) Services

Endowments, charitable organizations, foundations and large institutional investors are often bound by strict investment policy statements (IPS), and they frequently review their investment advisor’s performance against the IPS criteria. Ladenburg Thalmann can provide numerous samples and templates and assist in timely completion of the RFP process. They also can assist with the presentation delivery.

Kent Kit 2

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